"Finding uses for quantum nonsense"

Yes! Through quantum physics, we will give you an entire alternate universe! Here's how:

First, you type in two different actions you're deciding between, such as "I will either go on a hike, or I will take a nice hot bath."

Next, you purchase our service for $3.95. We will initiate an actual quantum event – just for you – which has two equally possible outcomes. Both outcomes will happen, but in separate universes.*

Then, we simply inform you which universe you're currently in (e.g., whether you're in the one where you go hiking, or the one where you enjoy a nice bath), and you take it from there.

From that moment on, your universes will continue to diverge; differences will pile up until... who knows, in one of them, you might become a billionaire!

(Due to the separateness of the two universes, you won't be able to check in on your other self. But that other self will exist nonetheless, and will be exploring its universe just as you are yours.*)

Act now, and start enjoying your new universe tonight!

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