"Profiting from the future since

Oddly enough, if you make a large scale (i.e., human-sized) decision based on a single quantum event, the theory actually does imply that you will live out both realities in separate universes... and that's what our service is all about.

What we do is this: First, we prompt you to write down two things you're willing to do. Make sure you're willing to do both, because in a sense, you will.

Then we issue a command to a quantum device which shoots a single photon towards a partially-silvered mirror. This mirror has two detectors; one positioned to trigger if the photon bounces off the glass, and one which will trigger if it passes through the glass.

From this tiniest of events, an entire universe is born. According to the most widely-believed theory, the photon takes both paths, but each in a different universe. At that point, our company splits into two companies -- one which tells you the photon was reflected, and one in a different universe which tells you it wasn't.

The final move is yours. When you perform one of the two actions you had written down, you'll begin your diverging process... which will continue until the end of time.

How will you use your additional universe? The possibilities are endless...

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Part 3: What it does
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