"Finding Opportunities Instead of Answers"

Is this for real? Yes.* The service is real, and the quantum event is real. And if you order the Deluxe Universe, the certificate we send you is real. Due to the primary limitation of the multiverse, however, there's no way for anyone within one universe branch to directly confirm the existence of any other branch; its existence can only be inferred. Sorry; these are not our rules, they're the rules of the universe.

Then how do I know it works? Well, you can't... at least, not directly. But if you do a bit of reading about quantum physics, you'll begin to get a feel for the branching nature of our universe... and then you'll realize that this is not a joke. Well, it's sort of a joke, but we're really doing everything we say we are, and if the smartest physicists are right (a pretty safe bet), then our services are genuine, and (so far) unique.

Can I create a universe in which I'm a famous movie star? Yes and no. You're stuck with the historical time-line which brought you to this moment, and it's possible that no decision you make from this point forward could make you a star. In fact, some decisions you could make might ruin whatever status you currently enjoy. So no, you can't simply choose what kind of a universe you want; you can only choose what your next move will be. But if you do happen to make the right move and end up a rich movie star, please remember the little people who helped put you there.

Why shouldn't I use one of your imitators' universes instead? Our universes are 100% guaranteed. If, after using our service, you find that you're not in a universe, contact us immediately. You're entitled to a complete refund, no questions asked. Of course, if you simply don't like the universe you've created, there will be no refund... but you can take some comfort in knowing that the other version of you is probably quite happy with our service.

s there any environmental impact to creating new universes? Will this service cause a universe shortage? It appears as though the branching effect has no such downside. But we promise that, as soon as there's credible evidence that universes are a non-renewable resource, we'll stop offering the service.

Why couldn't I just flip a coin instead? Our outcome, being derived from a single quantum event, is not subject to the same deterministic rules that apply to larger events (such as dice, or coin flips). When you flip a coin, the billions of quantum subatomic events involved can blend together into a single outcome, which means no universe split. With our quantum method, there will always be exactly two actually-occurring outcomes, which is nature's recipe for universe splittage.*

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